Add Affordable Privacy to Your Home With Solyx Static Cling Decorative Window Film


Beautiful Static Cling window films are do-it-yourself solutions to excessive visibility

Clear glass is quite stylish but it often lets in too much unwanted attention of passers-by. Window Energy Solutions has the perfect fix for property owners who want to add a decorative touch while thwarting prying eyes – Solyx easy to install Static Cling decorative window films.

With numerous styles and patterns from which to choose, property owners can easily and affordably address a variety of issues by applying window film to entry-way doors or windows that are too close to the street or neighbours.

  • Not only is this film a great DIY solution for home owners, Solyx Static Cling decorative window film is the ideal solution for people who are renting. Because it is removable and reusable you can easily install it yourself and when you leave you can take it with you.
  • While providing visual privacy, most of these window film patterns allow for the transfer of natural light.
  • A stylish option is partial coverage in which pieces of the window film are applied in patterns or across different sections so that there is still clear glass. Privacy can be achieved without actually blocking the view from within the home if you still want to see who is at your front door.
  • Adhesive free Solyx Static Cling decorative window film removes easily and cleanly when it is time to redecorate.
  • Glare on television or computer screens has a negative effect on eyesight so the addition of decorative window film reduces eye strain by diffusing the glare and softening the harsh sun.
  • UV protection is a health issue since it is associated with a higher risk of skin cancer. Those same UV rays also cause fading of carpets, furniture, window treatments and wall coverings. Solyx Static Cling decorative window film filters 99% of the harmful UV rays.

Window Energy Solutions invites you to check out over 25 different styles and patterns of Solyx Static Cling decorative window films that we have in stock along with the installation kits that make do it yourself installation quick and easy.