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Solyx Static Cling Decorative Window Film Range

Static Cling Decorative Window Films can be purchased on-line. Select your options below. For all other decorative films please browse through our catalogue, request a quote or contact us for our full range

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DIY Solyx Static Cling

For removable DIY window film think SOLYX Static Cling.

SOLYX Superior Quality Static Cling is non adhesive, turning your windows into decorative glass. This transformative product is the newest addition to the ever-expanding line of SOLYX’s exceptional range.

A breakthrough in design and practicality, there are many benefits that come along with the new SOLYX Static Cling range:

  • Turn your windows into decorative glass
  • This product is removable and reusable
  • DIY decorative window film, installed in minutes
  • 115 designs to choose from
  • A simple way to restyle a tired room
  • A great project option for creative people
  • The perfect removable decorative solution

When to use Solyx Static Cling

Modern designs and lasting classic style

SOLYX products can be used on any smooth, non-porous surface, with a DIY installation that takes only minutes.

They last for years, are easy to clean, fully removable and completely reusable. Plus, they offer an added dose of privacy, providing protection and security from prying eyes.

If you are looking for a DIY removable window film option that diffuses glare and softens harsh sun, our adhesive-free solutions are the answer. It also filters 92% of UV rays to help protect carpets and furnishings from fading.

They are easy to apply and offer a temporary decorative change without the cost or hassle of an all-out redecoration.

Cost of DIY Solyx Static Cling

How much do these decorative films cost?

The Static Cling product is priced per metre (1,000mm). Multiple lengths will be supplied in a continuous roll. DIY window installation instructions are included in every order.

Looking for a more permanent solution? Be sure to ask about our wide range of solutions including opaque options, decorative designs and window frosting.

Want more choice?

Ask for a quote for your creative design today. For more information on our products, give our expert team a call today. With more than a decade of industry experience, we are well-placed to offer help and advice.

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