Why Use Window Film?

Energy saving solutions for reducing energy costs

Solar and Low E films save money and energy. While you can greatly reduce the cost of cooling your home by having traditional solar film on your glass in Summer, an additional benefit of reducing outgoing heat loss in Winter with the application of a Low Emissivity film is also possible. Consequently your heating bills are reduced.

Heat Reduction

Solar Films reduce incoming heat by up to 80%. This makes your environment more comfortable in your home or office while still being able to enjoy the view. Hot spots are significantly improved and the cost of cooling your home and office can be greatly reduced. Window Energy Solutions can help you find a solar film to suit your specific requirements that will complement your building’s interior and exterior.

Glare Reduction

Solar Films reduce glare by up to 90%. If glare is a problem in your home or office there are a range of solar films which can reduce the glare on computer screens, TV’s and projector screens without having to close the blinds.

Fade Reduction

Reduce fading of furnishings by blocking 99% of ultraviolet light. Solar films offer protection from the damage caused by ultraviolet light to your expensive floor coverings and furnishings.


Help in privacy, safety and security…

Privacy and Overlooking

Frost films provide 100% privacy for bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas and are suitable for addressing local council overlooking regulations prior to gaining your Certificate of Occupancy for your new home or office.

Safety and Security

Armorcoat safety film is an optically clear film applied to the internal surface of glazing. Although it will not prevent the glass from breaking, it does upgrade the glass to the Australian Standard AS1288 and holds the glass intact preventing it from sharding minimising the risk of injury. Armorcoat security film is used in applications where security in your home or office is required. Security films are also available in tints for security protection with additional heat and glare reduction.

Graffiti Protection


Solar Gard Graffitigard film is a clear film that acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and your windows. The film can be replaced if marked by graffiti saving you the expense of replacing costly windows. In the photo Graffitigard was applied to a window after it had been vandalised. The left side shows the damage, the right side shows the scratches cannot be seen after Graffitigard was applied.