Residential house window tinting in Melbourne

home window tinting in melbourne

Having earned the confidence of countless Australian families, our industry-leading business is committed to delivering products that improve the environment. Residential home window tinting greatly boosts your property’s energy efficiency while simultaneously providing that much sought-after privacy, safety and security for your peace of mind. Not only that, but tinted windows add a stunning, modern visual appeal to your home. What more could you ask for?

Increase privacy in your home while improving energy efficiency with tinted windows

House window tinting offers additional privacy when you are at home during daylight hours, while leaving you free to enjoy your view. Tinting is the perfect alternative to curtains and blinds by letting you admire unobstructed views of the Melbourne skyline from the comfort of your lounge room. Meanwhile, adding frosted window films to your bathrooms offer that much-needed privacy while maintaining a stylish, practical look.

Furthermore, when you choose our services, you can rest assured that all our products abide by residential building regulations. Our tinting (frost) films allow you to comply with council guidelines and meet residential necessities for a Certificate of Occupancy.

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Opt for beautiful custom designs in home window tinting

We also give our customers the option to design and personalise their own window film in order to really inject that unique, personal touch into the design of their property. Here’s your chance to get creative with customised decorative films and make an impressive impact in your residential space for that next barbecue get-together.

From colour tinting to frosted effects and many more stylistic options, our products can give your property a clean, modern look. But not only are our decorative window films aesthetically-striking, they can also provide many practical benefits:

Reduce glare in your house

Sick of squinting? A solar tinting film can reduce glare by up to a whopping 90%. We house a range of solutions which can cut down the glare bouncing off computer screens, TVs and projector screens.

Keep your family safe in their home

Broken windows are simply a fact of life, and they can be particularly hazardous if you have children around. Safety film is an optically transparent film applied to the internal surface of glazing to hold the glass intact. While it will not prevent the glass from breaking, it will effectively secure the window firmly in place to protect your family from flying glass shards and to prevent wind-driven rain from damaging your home’s interior.

Residential UV Protection

Whether you live in a North Queensland ranch or a Melbourne high rise apartment, solar films reduce incoming heat by up to 80%. Window tinting not only makes your home more comfortable and liveable, it also greatly reduces the cost of cooling down your space. Switch off those split systems and enjoy tinted windows instead.

In addition, our films can help prevent sunlight from fading carpets, furniture, drapes and curtains, while also acting as a barrier against heat, which can cause warped wood products and damaged electronics.

We deliver decorative film Australia-wide – Get in touch and relish the benefits of window tinting!

No matter what your requirements, we can help you find a solar film to suit your specific needs while beautifully complementing the interior and exterior of your house.

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