Commercial building and office window tinting in Melbourne


Window Energy Solutions can help you improve energy costs and produce a more comfortable work environment. Tinting can reduce interior fading and improve exterior appearance of your office space or commercial property. We offer a specialist service for office window tinting in Melbourne, and have been consistently praised for both our product and our workmanship.

Improved energy efficiency for commercial and office spaces

With electricity prices on the rise and an increased focus on improving energy efficiency, commercial tinting is an excellent solution. It’s cost effective too, lowering operational costs.

We proudly showcase a wide selection of window films, to control interior temperatures as seasons change, conserving energy and cost all year round.

Our products allows you to run your air conditioning less, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utilities.

A myriad of benefits for the commercial space

Our tinting films reduce glare on computer screens, TVs and projector screens by up to 90%, perfect for the office environment.

They offer protection from the harmful UV rays exposed to you, your employees, your clients and expensive furnishings.

Safety and security films are optically clear and hold glass intact in the case of unexpected accidents. They prevent shattering, therefore minimizing the risk of injury to staff.

Attractive designs for commercial aesthetics

Our decorative film catalogue showcases a huge range of decorative and frosted films, all of which can be used for privacy, interior design, as well as brand or logo signage.

We recommend these decorative films for application to interior glass and the inside surfaces of exterior glass. They add a designer touch on existing glass surfaces, without the expense of etching or replacing glass.

The commercial window tinting offered by our team allows you to restyle your office, with a solar tint for improving energy efficiency and frosted films to add style, design and privacy.

Due to our offices being situated in Melbourne, we are happy to discuss any custom design option you would like. As well as branding, we can also provide artistic and patterned films to add an elegant touch. Our team are standing by to take your call.

Get in touch with the commercial tinting experts today

Our services are held in high esteem across Melbourne, and we have been trusted by a vast portfolio of clients, all of whom are entirely happy with the results. We have more than a decade of experience in the industry, and are regularly commended for our positive work ethic, professionalism and our friendly demeanor.

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