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There is much more to window tinting than improving the value of your property. Tinted windows can significantly reduce radiant heat and protects your investments and your health while enhancing the look of your home. No other window tinting business in Melbourne will offer you the variety and quality that our team provides.

The added benefits of investing in window tint

Investing in window tint film comes with a whole host of benefits. Your curtains, furniture, and flooring are all vulnerable to fading and warping. The sun’s UV rays and heat are to blame. Our window films cut up to 99% of those rays, meaning the lifespan of your valuables will increase.

Save your skin

Those same UV rays that damage your flooring and furniture can damage your skin as well. Long exposure to the sun’s UV rays is known to increase your chances of certain types of cancer. You may take proper precaution when outdoors, but do you ever consider how exposed you may be inside your home? You can greatly reduce your exposure to harmful rays by installing window tint on your home.

Accidents happen

Windows break. While tinting alone will not keep your window from breaking, tinted safety film will prevent shattered pieces of glass from flying into your home and hurting you or your loved ones. Available in both tinted and clear, safety film is a cost effective and easy method of securing your family’s safety wherever the risk of injury from broken glass may occur around your home.

Tinted windows improve your privacy and your quality of life

No one wants to keep their curtains drawn all day. At the same time, no one wants their neighbours or passers-by to see their every move. Why not have the best of both worlds? Window tinting allows you to maintain your privacy while still being able to appreciate the view outside.

Goodbye to glare

Have you ever noticed that annoying glare on your television or computer screen coming from your window? Imagine getting rid of that glare for good. It can happen. Installing window tint can reduce glare by up to 90%.

Reduce your energy costs with window tint

In these environmentally conscious times, the energy savings that can be made is perhaps the most important advantage gained from having window tint film installed. Window tinting can reduce incoming heat by up to 80%, meaning you’ll spend less to keep your house cool.

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Contacting the leading Window Tinters in Melbourne

Window Energy Solutions offers a variety of window tinting products in a range of styles certain to match your home’s interior and exterior, as well as your budget. We offer a huge range of decorative and frosted films, and we encourage you to work with us on a customised design that will be both visually appealing and practical.

If you’d like to discuss your window tinting needs, then contact our team today. You can reach out to Window Energy Solutions by calling 1800 049 747, or by emailing [email protected].

It’s time to make the smarter, greener choice for your family and home.