Create a Sense of Privacy With Decorative Black Opaque Window Film


Decorative Black Opaque window film blocks light and sight through any glass surface

Solid glass entry doors in commercial and public buildings and glass insets in residential entry doors are quite popular and undeniably attractive, but privacy is definitely compromised. Instead of installing new doors, Window Energy Solutions can cover the glass with Solyx Black Opaque window film easily and affordably.

While there are numerous window film products available, Blackout Black Opaque window film provides a complete barrier to the passage of light so that not even shadows are detectable. In addition to the desired privacy afforded by the film, there are other benefits as well.

  • UV Protection – eliminate fading of furniture, carpets, window and wall treatments
  • Reduction of Glare – eye strain is virtually eliminated without glare on TV or computer screens
  • An attractive unique feature for the entrance of your home

Window Energy Solutions will work with you to determine the best product to meet your needs. Since Black Opaque should not be installed on Double Insulated Glass Units or Laminated Glass, a company representative will suggest one of their many other options to provide you with the amount of privacy that you desire.

With over 200 different decorative films such as Cut Glass, Rice Paper, Frost, and Stained Glass patterns from which to choose from, there is something that is sure to be perfect for all your privacy concerns.