Cummins South Pacific Controls The Light With Solar Gard Window Film


A great solution to a painful problem

Window Energy Solutions recently completed this project for Cummins South Pacific in Scoresby VIC.

The client contacted Window Energy Solutions because their corporate offices which faced North were extremely hot and the glare made it hard to see the computer screens.

By using Solargard Slate 10 window film on these offices we were able to reduce the incoming heat dramatically. Solar Gard Slate window films are ideal for applications where glare is a primary consideration.

The reception area has a large engine on display in front of the windows but the amount of light coming through these large windows was causing the receptionist to get headaches. The objective was to maintain as much visibility into the reception area so that the engine could still be seen from outside. The solution for the client was Solar Gard Sterling 60 which maintains good visibility, offers moderate heat and glare reduction and ample natural light.

The advantages of using Solar Gard window film on this project include:

  • External appearance is an attractive complement to the building aesthetics and efficiency.
  • Neutrally tinted internal appearance.
  • Softened natural lighting.
  • Optimum heat and glare reduction.
  • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays protecting interior office furnishings and skin from skin cancer.
  • Solargard Slate 10 provides day time privacy.
  • Solargard Slate 10 has a Heat Reduction of 79%.
  • Solargard Slate 10 has a Glare Reduction of 87%.