Cut The Glare, Not The City Views


Add value and style to your home with window tinting

Window Energy Solutions recently completed installing window tinting this stunning Warehouse Apartment home in Abbotsford VIC.

The client contacted Window Energy Solutions because they had a problem with heat and glare but they wanted to keep their west facing view of the city at night.

The solution was Hanita Pacific Titan 07 Xtra which is an external film tinting. The film had to be applied externally as access to all the windows internally was not possible because of some structural walls.

Because Titan 07 Xtra has a dark less reflective interior appearance meant that the night time view of the city was maintained. The Glare Reduction of 91% also improved TV and computer screen viewing.

There were many advantages to using window tinting in this home, including:

  • External appearance is an attractive complement to the apartments aesthetics and efficiency.
  • An exterior film with a reflective extremely energy efficient out door appearance that gives excellent solar heat rejection.
  • A Less reflective interior maintains a pleasant indoor ambience which maintains night time views.
  • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays protecting interior furnishings and skin from skin cancer and premature aging.
  • Hanita Pacific Titan 07 Xtra has a Heat Rejection of 83%.
  • Hanita Pacific Tiran 07 Xtra has a Glare Reduction of 91%.