Keep a Great Outlook While Eliminating Glare & UV Exposure


Block heat, glare and UV rays without ruining the view with Titan 35 Xtra window film

There is nothing more relaxing than a beautiful beach home with a fantastic view. For a beach front house in Brighton, however, the expansive glass that provides a virtually uninterrupted view of the city across the bay is a source of tremendous heat, glare and unhealthy UV rays.

Project Overview

In an effort to control these issues, the windows have a Low E internal coating but it just isn’t enough. Window Energy Solutions assessed the situation and has come up with the perfect answer: Titan 35 Xtra external window film. Applied externally, the Titan 35 film works with the internal Low E coating and provides significantly more comfort with astonishing results. Along with blocking 99% of damaging UV rays, heat rejection has been improved by 57% and glare reduction by 61%. Virtually undetectable, Titan 35 Xtra window film has a neutral internal appearance that does not affect the view day or night.

Hanita Pacific Window Films

There are also other benefits that this incredible product provides:

  • Preserve the vibrancy of colors in your interior decorating including furniture, rugs, window treatments and wall coverings.
  • Protect your skin to lessen the risk of certain types of cancers.
  • Prevent eye strain from glare without having to close curtains.
  • Reduce energy costs with greater air-conditioning efficiency.

For any home, office or other type of building let Window Energy Solutions add to your comfort while providing increased energy efficiency.