Solar Gard Home Window Tinting Makes Life More Comfortable


Enjoy your home life with window tinting

Window Energy Solutions recently added Solar Gard window tinting this lovely modern home.

The client contacted Window Energy Solutions because heat and glare were making the living spaces uncomfortable, a problem made worse during the summer months.

After careful consideration and in consultation with the client, Solar Gard Slate 10 window tinting was used on this home. Ultimately, we were able to reduce the incoming heat and glare dramatically making life at home much more pleasant for this client.

Solar Gard Slate window films are ideal for applications where heat and glare are the primary concerns.

The advantages of using Solar Gard Slate 10 window tinting on this home include:

  • External appearance is an attractive complement to this homes aesthetics and efficiency.
  • Extremely energy efficient film.
  • Day time privacy
  • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays protecting expensive interior furnishings, and skin from skin cancer and premature aging.
  • Solar Gard Slate 10 has a Heat Rejection of 79%.
  • Solar Gard Slate 10 has a Glare Reduction of 87%.